Club News - Spring 2020

Issue 107 published by GolfClubnewsletters


Dear Member

Well, it would seem the glorious Indian summer has well and truly come to an end and the waterproofs and umbrella are now back in full operation! I had the disappointment of my club's ladies invitation day been cancelled on what was probably the worst day of the last few weeks with not only torrential rain but thunder and lightning as well. What was really frustrating was that all our guests had arrived and the event was only cancelled at the very last minute .. the joys of organising a golf day.

I'm somewhat relieved but also slightly embarrassed that I've had my handicap reviewed and have gone up to 30, having struggled for over a year on 27, then creeping up to 28. My challenged for next year is to come back down to 28. Having suffered with severe golfer's elbow all year I've just had a cortisone injection in the joing so hopefully this will improve my golf .. Although I've got no excuse now for any wayward shots!

As you probably know, all clubs will be embracing the new World Handicapping Scheme next year and our National Captain and Sogtware Designer Gary Jackson will be updating our system in accordance with the new regulations. The deadline is now not until November 2020 but we will be implementing the first phase with the new maximum handicaps for men and women into the system over Christmas, to be operational from 1st January. Gary has written some helpful notes on all the changes which you can read further on in the Newsletter.

I'm sure lots of you (especially the ladies) watched the Solheim Cup from Gleneagles a couple of weeks ago, what a wonderful finish! It was great to see some decent coverage on TV although the BBC news hardly mentioned it apart from the wonderful Naga Manchetti who managed to get her hands on the cup and interview the European Captain on BBC Breakfast News. Naga who plays off a handicap of 8, is also an accomplished pianist and trumpet player as well as a successful journalist and Strictly COme Dancing celebrity...that goodness the BBC has to come to its senses on her Trump comments.

By the time you read this, we will be about to set off on our Autumn trip to Turkey and hopefully some welcome sunshine! And as this is the last Newsletter of the year. Happy Christmas to you all!

Until next time...


Summer Weekend

Lingfield Park